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Electrical Construction


Our high standard of building has helped us be a part of exceptional projects across the country. We utilize the latest industry technologies to provide electrical construction of new facilities and spaces in need of remodeling.

Our team of field electricians and project management staff provide a complete range of electrical installation services. We specialize in single room remodels to new construction of major facilities. Our standard of building is bolstered by our continuing education programs, our thorough safety practices and our constant commitment to quality.

High Voltage Electrical Infrastructure


Our experience in High Voltage power lines has made us, at national and international level,one of the most specialised companies, with our ability to take on comprehensive HV projects of any scale and technical difficulty anywhere in the world: engineering, supply, construction, operation and maintenance for transmission lines, distribution and substations.

From Florida Sol Systems we develop electrification projects for industrial and residential areas (urban and rural).

We are one of the leading companies in this type of infrastructure through experience as well as technical means at our disposal, allowing us to provide a comprehensive 360º service.

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Roadway Lighting


Throughout our history the activity of installation and maintenance of street lighting, mainly urban, has been very important. The use of new technologies, equipment and materials, mean that we are at the forefront of an industry very concerned with efficiency and service.

In recent years, we have been active as installers, providing technical support, covering the economic needs of security and aesthetics, by completing works that endorse our experience in numerous towns and cities. We are very involved in the changes to new LED devices and in the treatment and counselling of energy efficiency.

Traffic Signalization


To keep traffic moving safely and efficiently in new developments or next to land being re-purposed, traffic signals are sometimes needed at key intersections. Choosing the best placement, most effective detection strategies and appropriate choice from ever-evolving technology can be overwhelming to communities.

Because every project and community is unique, we continuously work with suppliers, manufacturers and clients to stay on top of new technologies to develop the right solution for the challenge at hand. Traffic signalization projects have included loop, camera and microwave detection, fiber optic and wireless communications, LED street lighting, accessible pedestrian signals, emergency vehicle pre-emption systems and much more. Internal controller software can be used to provide transit priority to campus buses.

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Communication/ Fiber optics network infrastructure


Our fiber optic expertise spans tens of thousands of kilometers in nationwide in broadband projects. Equipped with experience and extensive know-how, we offer a turn-key fiber optic infrastructure service, which includes the set-up of fiber-optic backbones, metro networks, site builds and Fiber to the Home (FTTH) systems. Our innovative micro-trenching techniques support faster installations with minimal environmental impact and disturbance to the local community.

Our expert team is the ideal partner for operators looking for added-value services, from engineering, planning and design, through business development consulting, to creating new, profitable services, smart applications and security solutions.

Natural Gas Distribution


Natural gas is an affordable, versatile and clean energy source. Its distribution consists of the transport of natural gas through local or regional gas networks for the purpose of supplying customers. As natural gas travels through the pipelines underground, its use relieves the road network, reduces the possibility of spills and consequently reduces the threat to groundwater and other water sources.

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Horizontal Directional Drilling


From civil and environmental services to mechanical pipeline design, we provide HDD design services to fit your project and get you around obstacles to a finished pipeline. We have experience conducting both desktop and field constructability reviews to help identify site constraints and design parameters. Lastly, regardless of what HDD service(s) we’re providing, we work alongside both you and the HDD contractor to ensure that any questions or concerns associated with the design and installation are considered and addressed, keeping you informed and confident in your project.


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