Our History


Founder of Florida Sol Systems
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Florida Sol Systems was founded in 1989 by Sira Valido. Sira Valido ran a local cable TV provider’s marketing and sales department. Her experiences in this role led her to identify the necessity for a quality, reliable audit, and installation contractor to fulfill service orders. She decided to open Florida Sol Systems and fill that gap. Within a few short years, Florida Sol System was the contractor of choice employing 100 technicians and covering all of South Florida.

After years of success in the cable tv installation and service order fulfillment division, Florida Sol expanded its services to provide overhead and underground utility line construction for cable TV and communications service providers. Sira believed in growth and diversification. Through its industry success, the firm expanded its services into electrical infrastructure. Performing streetlight, service maintenance orders, and underground residential distribution. Directional drilling services. Now servicing the electrical and telecommunications industry, Florida Sol System was well positioned for sustainable growth.

Florida Sol Systems counts on its vast fleet of heavy equipment and vehicles and has over 60 highly experienced team members that have worked daily for over 30 years to Keep our community Energized and Connected.

“30 years keeping our community energized and connected.”

Our Team


Lawrence Valido


Dariel Tabares

VP and Director
of Operations

Luis de la Peña

Chief Estimator

Adrian Ortega

Contract Administrator